I'd sell you to satan for one cornchip.
This is Panix speaking, I reblog a lot of wrestling crap but a lot of other shit too. Most of you are worth more than obe cornchip. Enjoy. *maniacal laughter*
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A series of photographs taken by ‘Bruce Davidson’ entitled ‘Brooklyn Gang’ He followed a group of teenaged who claimed the streets of Brooklyn NY as their turf.

“I found myself involved with a group of unpredictable youths who were mostly indifferent to me. In time, they allowed me to witness their fear, depression, and anger. I soon realized that I, too, was feeling some of their pain. In staying close to them, I uncovered my own feelings of failure, frustration, and rage.”

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Re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything

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Punish the deed, not the breed.

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Police continue to make arrests at Ferguson protest.

Part 4.

Take note: The moment people stopped reblogging and tweeting and writing news articles and calling attention to Ferguson, they brought back the armored cars. It is not over. They were waiting for the world to lose interest and knew it would.

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Female BAMFs Throughout History

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Is no one going to mention the fact that one is completely made of dildos

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I’m still on tumblr because I want to see if we’ll ever drop the bar lower than thinking we could have infinite chocolate, if you ate it in a certain way

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Requested and pitched by shadsmeister

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